Thursday, June 14, 2007

Square & Wish #29 - Federal Way, Washington

The Aldrich Family sent me this really cool quilt square.

This is their wish:

To My Baby
by Karen Ledbetter

I knew of you before your birth,
I loved you before we ever met.
I prayed for you day and night,
Thankful your birth mother had chosen life.

The waiting was so anxious and hard,
you already held a place in my heart.
Weeks went by, and sometimes I cried.
Finally one day came a call with good news.

Tears of joy fell on my cheek
the first time I held you,
precious baby, so tiny and sweet.
I'm thankful your birth mother had chosen life.

Rocking and singing sweet lullabies,
you've brought much joy to so many lives.
I'll love you forever, sweet little one.
Memories to treasure, a new life begun.

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