Saturday, July 14, 2007

Square & Wish #38 & #39 - Portland, Oregon

These 2 very adorable squares were received from a fellow CHI family. I sent Jodie two squares and she sent me 2 back even though she could've just sent one.

The wish that goes along with square #38:

"We're the same.
We're different.

This is what makes the world such fun.
Many kinds of people, not just one!
A rainbow would be boring
If it were only green or blue.
What makes a rainbow beautiful
Is that is has every hue.
So aren't you glad you look like you?"

"We're Different, We're the Same and We're all Wonderful"
by Bobbi Jane Kates

The wish that goes along with square #39:

"A family is special and each one is
different. And some sisters and
brothers may not look like their
fathers and mothers.

But that doesn't matter, what does matter
is this: Families are forever. It's as simple as that!"

"Families are Forever" by Craig Shemin

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