Saturday, July 14, 2007

Square & Wish #44, #45, #46 & #47 - Mesquite, Texas

I love my SIL Marla very dearly but you know how all families kind of have the quirky Aunt someone? Well, Marla is it. And I say this with the utmost affection. And my explanation is this - Marla will always go above and beyond what you ask of her so I had to laugh when she called me and told me that she couldn't decide on just one fabric and instead picked 4. One from her, one from her husband, Corey, and 2 from her dogs Laila & Taylor. I will probably combine all 4 fabrics into one square and sew it into my quilt that way. Marla will do anything for her family, especially her nieces & nephews.

Marla, Corey, Taylor and Laila's wish is this:

Our wish to you
It to always know,
How deeply you're loved
By those who brought
you home,
And by those who
had to let you go.

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