Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Square & Wish # 70 & #71 - Madison, Alabama

We're sending luck and wishes
all wrapped up in a hug.
Good things should come your way
with this little ladybug.

A rabbit's food or horseshoe
are said to bring good luck.
But ladybugs are special,
they also bring you love.

This ladybug of friendship,
we sent to you today,
comes with hope, joy & happiness,
to last throughout your day.

May you always receive much luck,
and many friendly hugs!

Lilly & Madilyn Wingenter
Madison, Alabama

Rainbow of Friends

We're a rainbow,
made of children.
We're an army,
singing our song.
There's no weapons,
that can stop us.
Rainbow love is much too strong!

May you always have true friends
that will love and protect you!

The Wingenter Family
Madison, Alabama

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